7.53  She goes into the living room to turn off the TV that nobody is watching.  She sees a report of a Caribbean hurricane and watches a dispossessed woman wading through floodwater, holding a bundle above her head.  

7.58  Ellie inspects the swing bin and removes a cereal box and an empty baked bean can.  She prises open the cardboard flaps and flattens the box; she peels off the can label, places the can on the floor and stamps twice on the bottom edge with her right heel to flatten it.  She takes the box and can to the recycle bin outside and puts them with other cardboard and tin cans. 

8.03  Ellie resolves, 'I will never speak to them again until they stop buying food in tins.'  

8.05  She decides: 'When I have my own place, I will buy locally grown apples instead of those flown all way from California.' 

8.11  Ellie's mother asks, "Anything wrong darling?  Are you all right? Ellie sighs and thinks, 'Where do I begin?  How do I get through your stupid thick skull to your tiny brain?'

She murmurs, "Nothing."  Then regrets breaking her resolve to not speak to her until she learns and changes her ways. 

8.18  Ellie's mother says, "We're off in a bit, darling.  Got everything?"  Ellie stamps her foot, the one she uses for flattening cans.  "I can go on my bike.  Serena does. Her mother replies, "Serena lives much closer to the school.  I'm not having you out on the roads at this time."  Then she (the mother, dummy) points towards the front door and raises her voice.  "The car!  Now, Ellie!"

8.24  Ellie sits in the back, ruminating.  'She says she's worried about me getting to school in one piece.  If she, and a million other stupid people,didn't drive, then we could all get there safely and save the planet.' 

8.50  Ellie's mother asks for a kiss.  Ellie thinks, 'They say they love me now, but the flood will come and they won't be here to save me.'



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