Niney heard a hard crack.  It was probably his chin rather than her knee, she decided, for her gardening kneepad was made of hard material.  His head flew up, his arms splayed and his back arched.  She moved in, pushing her knee between his legs and then up hard against his groin.  The blow had to be upward to crush the testicles against the pubic symphysis.  She had learned the manoeuvre in the U3A Militia. 

As she heard a gratifying, "Aargh!" from him, she looked around for Two-Two.  As planned, Niney's loyal friend was speeding on her heli-zimmer from the direction of her own carriage. 

Niney's adversary doubled over.  She daintily sidestepped to his rear, placed her hands firmly each side of his hips and swivelled him around towards the carriage.  Two-Two accelerated and swung her heli-zimmer against his buttocks.  He lurched forward, staggering between the carriage doors.  Still with his head down, he plunged headfirst through the hologram, collided with the mock Charles III on the far side and collapsed.